Sweet Apple Pecans-Buy 1 Get 1

These pecans are one of our specialty nuts made with natural sweeteners and green apples! Reach for these when you need a sweet and healthy afternoon snack.


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Crackled Cheezy Almonds-Buy 1 Get 1

These almonds are a fresh take on a cheesy, savory snack without the dairy. They are one of our best sellers. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


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Sweet & Salty Sunflower Seeds- Buy 1 Get 1

These sunflowers seeds are made with cacao and are very low in sugar because of the organic sweeteners.


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Spicy Basil Pumpkin Seeds- Buy 1 Get 1

These are a fan requested flavor and we decided to put it on an amazing seed. Here are the spicy and fresh tasting spicy pumpkin seeds!


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Garlic Salty Walnuts- Buy 1 Get 1

These walnuts are simple and salty with a kick of garlic. Reach for these when you have a savory craving.


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