The 48-hour manufacturing process starts by placing the nut or seed into a craft of reverse-osmosis water seasoned with organic himalayan sea salt for 18 hours. We then remove the nut or seed and place them into a dehydrator. The dehydrator extracts all of the water absorbed during the sprouting process. At Brothers Nuts, we specifically use a dehydrator because of it’s low heat, as it does not kill any of the nutrients. To wrap up the process, every single nut and seed is removed from the dehydrator and coated with USDA certified organic ingredients, prior to being blended… our process delivers the healthiest and tastiest product you could ever imagine!

The sprouting process takes 18 hours. Each nut and seed is fully emerged into a craft of reverse-osmosis water seasoned with organic himalayan sea salt. This ensures that each nut and seed is fully sprouted. 

Raw or processed nuts and seeds are extremely hard on your body and digestive system (your gut). The primary advantage of sprouting is that the sprouted nuts and seeds are easier to break down in your digestive system, leading to faster nutrient absorption. Additionally, sprouting helps remove phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. By sprouting these foods, you’ll enjoy better digestion (…easier on your gut) and receive more nutrients at the same exact time!

Sprouted nuts are better because they offer numerous nutritional and digestive benefits. Mineral absorption is greatly improved with nuts that are sprouted. They are also better because they are crunchy and actually taste even better than raw nuts.

We started Brothers Nuts because people with cancer and diabetes can’t eat many of the snacks that are available today. So we wanted to make a snack that was dairy free, gluten free and very low in sugar – so we did.

These snacks are ideal for people with conditions such as cancer or diabetes because of their extremely low sugar and carbohydrate content. They are also good for people that are trying to maintain a generally healthy diet because they taste great and are great for you.