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Sweet Apple Pecans- backpage- These pecans are one of our specialty nuts made with natural sweeteners and green apples!  Reach for these when you need a sweet and healthy afternoon snack.

Garlic salty walnuts- backpage- These walnuts are simple and salty with a kick of garlic.  Reach for these when you have a savory craving.

Sweet & salty sunflower seeds- backpage- These sunflowers seeds are made with cacao and are very low in sugar because of the natural sweetener.  These are for the chocolate lover and a delicious sweet snack.


Spicy basil pumpkin seeds- backpage- Here are the spicy and fresh tasting spicy pumpkin seeds!



Pumpkin pie pecans –  It’s back … the warm rush of sweet, Autumn-inspired joy!!!!


These USDA certified organic pecans are sprouted, so you get all the sweet pecan flavor without the harsh gut-busting side effects that come from eating sugary pumpkin pie.

Kick the fake food to the curb and go all-out organic this Thanksgiving season!!  Every mouthful is not only packed full of energy but explodes with crazy-awesome pumpkin pie flavor!!!

So go ahead…treat your taste buds to the flavor they crave!!!  You’ll enjoy Grandma’s warm pumpkin pie flavor without the guilt.  You won’t find a better tasting and better-for-your-health treat!!!